Do you have a First Aid Kit onsite for you and your employees?


Who are we?

Allstate First Aid Supplies has been operating for over 25 years. We specialise in both Marine First Aid Kits and Workplace First Aid Kits, along with offering First Aid Kit Servicing and Refills.

We provide premium first aid supplies, selecting Australian-made products wherever possible.

Our First Aid Kits

Our kits ensure victims of accidents, emergencies or those experiencing trauma are treated with high-quality, reliable and trusted first aid supplies. Our dedicated team have extensive training and expertise in first aid, emergency response and are proficient in workplace risk management and safe work practices.

Partnering with Allstate gives you confidence knowing you’re providing the highest level of safety and first aid readiness for your family, employees, customers and sporting teams. Our first aid kits and professional maintenance and refill service ensures you exceed your obligations under the relevant Australian legislation.

Allstate Marine First Aid Kits comply with legislative requirements of:
‘Australian Sailing 2021–2024/Special Regulations – Part 1 for Racing Boats’ and Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) legislations.

Our Workplace First Aid Kits comply with the legislative requirements of Safe Work Australia’s
‘First Aid In The Workplace Code Of Practice’.

We believe in integrity, customer service, professionalism and commitment.

Our Customers

Allstate First Aid Supplies are proud to have built strong relationships with these clients and more.

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